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About The Tree House

Brenda Hiebert Walls

Brenda Hiebert Walls

Guests of The Tree House,

The Tree House, as a business, evolved over the course of the last several years, but first started in 1995. I was looking for an idea that would generate a bit of income while still wanting to stay at home with my kids. I noticed that the most popular items in shops and at shows were those that could change throughout the seasons. Then I ran across a way to create a tree and the idea to make seasonal ornaments followed. While experimenting with a few different mediums, I was introduced to clay and knew right away that it was something I could enjoy working with. The idea has simply taken off from there and continues to grow.  All the ornaments and 3-D pieces are my own idea or suggestions from customers, as well as taking cues from popular ideas in magazines, shops and shows.

With three kids in school and all their activities and a part-time job during the day, I still make time when I can to craft and do a few shows each year. My other interests include auctions, antique collecting, working out, church activities and listening to all kinds of music. Enjoy checking out The Tree House. I strive to produce items of high quality, workmanship and most importantly to please customers. Please contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you!

-Brenda Hiebert Walls